Nov. 10th, 2016

7:04am: I wake to the sound of Luka crying. It's not a hurt cry, just an I'm unhappy cry. His brother has stolen his toy, or he can't quite get his whole self up onto the couch. I come downstairs and say good morning to everyone. The Hubs is making breakfast and has gotten a … Continue reading Nov. 10th, 2016

Dear Kitty

Dear Foster Kitty that lives in our yard, I'll admit, when I heard you were going to be living in the yard of the house we are renting, I was pretty excited. I love all animals, and especially ones I can pick up and cuddle. I was not disappointed when I met you. You were … Continue reading Dear Kitty

This vase

This vase was filled with sand, eight years ago today. We stood, side by side, each with a colour of our own, and simultaneously we poured the sand from our separate vessels into one. On that day we promised to love each other at all times, giving ourselves to one another.  We had no idea … Continue reading This vase


My sister and I have been reading this book, which is mostly about being yourself, loving who you are, and loving who others are. It's pretty great, and pretty funny (you can find it here).  A recent chapter discussed some of the author's quirks, and it got me thinking about some of the things that … Continue reading Quirks

Becoming a nurse

Once upon a time, a very long time ago it seems, I was a fourth year History major, English Lit minor at Queens University. For four years, I had taken courses in Shakespeare and Chaucer, Sociology and histories of all types: Chinese, Sub-Sahara African,  Middle Eastern, and my all time favorite - Latin American. I … Continue reading Becoming a nurse

The mirror

You know what I really wanted for Mother's Day? I wanted a picture of me and my boys. The kind that so many of my beautiful Facebook friends were posting on their timelines. A shot of my handsome boys, and me - looking fresh, young and carefree, with flawless skin, and a pure white smile, … Continue reading The mirror

I cried today

I cried today. I cried a lot. Because today it was just too much. Some of the tears I cried were tears of empathy. My little babe, at 5 months old, is cutting his second tooth in three days, and he is miserable. I looked at his scrunched up, tear stained face and cried because … Continue reading I cried today