What the what?!?

Have you ever had moments in life where you think, is this actually happening? I’ve had my fair share. Some of them good, some not so awesome. There was the time my flight got delayed on the way back to university after Christmas vacation in Ecuador. I landed in Miami with about three minutes to … Continue reading What the what?!?

On the Second Day of School

My five year old started school last week. I have spent the last few weeks talking about it, planning, shopping, organizing, and labeling for it, and to be totally honest, generally freaking out about it. I was very careful not to let on that I was freaking out. I took care to always mention how … Continue reading On the Second Day of School


I love old classic Christmas carols. There are a lot of great new Christmas songs out there, but I’m always drawn to the oldies. It’s probably partially because I grew up on them, and the older I get the more I’m drawn to “good” stuff vs. new stuff. As a teenager I was always annoyed … Continue reading Joy


I certainly never imagined that I would be a hunter. In fact, I'm fairly certain there was a time in my life where I condemned all hunting as cruel and senseless. I was probably 15. And yes, I ate meat. I've always loved animals. Real animals, of course, but even stuffed animals. I remember vividly … Continue reading Hunting

Dear Dog

Dear Dog (aka Inferior Species) We, the beloved cats, having tried our best to ignore your existence as much as possible, now find it imperative to bring a few important items to your attention. We were sincerely hoping that you would be gone by now, but it seems we must live with disappointment. It’s true, … Continue reading Dear Dog

Spring Cleaning

I started my spring cleaning today. That's right. You heard me. The leaves are starting to turn, the combines are out in full force, Starbucks is announcing pumpkin spice everything, and I am starting my spring cleaning. I could easily make the argument that this is exactly when spring cleaning should take place. I mean, … Continue reading Spring Cleaning


So, it's March. Seriously? When did this happen? Wasn't it New Year's Eve two days ago?  I knew going into this year it was going to begin with a busy stretch. I started  a new job just before Christmas and have spent the last two months working full time while I've been getting orientated to … Continue reading March